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Sumart WET Chain Lube | WT-120

It is an excellent lubricant for wet /snow conditions and long distances. And also, it’s capable of reaching each link in the chain and achieving excellent friction.Due to, it has an oil base that makes it adhere much more to the chain and have
greater longevity between applications. It supports the water much better. WT-120 | WET Chain Lub is perfectly suited for cycling in wet or snowy conditions!

1. WT-120 can smooth bicycle chains and also to prevent abrasion from the wet.
2. WT-120 could effectively to prevent the dust and to keep the smooth of the chain while
bicycles are being ridden.


Drip WT-120 within a distance of 2~3cm then rolling the chain so it could be every spread on


1. Can’t be used on braking rotor, brake shoes and the braking back.
2. After the bottle is opened, please keep it from sunlight.
3.Keep out of the reach of children.


Special moisture-resistant lubricating oil

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