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SUMART | DOT-1000 | DOT 5.1 Brake Oil

Sumart DOT 5.1 Brake Oil | DOT-1000 is a high-performance brake fluid designed for all hydraulic brake systems running on DOT brake fluid. All our brake fluids have gone through extensive testing and development in our Lab, Taiwan and are suitable for the highest demands such as professional racing. Our special formula ensures a very high boiling point, no brake fading and maximum braking power even in changing conditions.

1. DOT-1000 is a premium quality, full ynthetic, non-silicone, DOT 5.1 brake fluid designed for use in a wide range of brake and clutch applications.
2. DOT-1000 is suitable for use where lower viscosity fluids (at – 40C) are required in colder climatic conditions in the lastest brakeing systems with micro valves, that require a lower viscosity and faster circulating fluid to perform correctly.

Fitting and bleeding by a qualified technician is recommended.


1. DO NOT mix DOT-1000 with DOT 5 Silicone or MINERAL type brake fluids.
1. Can’t be used on braking rotor, brake shoes and the braking back.
2. After the bottle is opened, please keep it from sunlight.

Polyglycol, Mono alkyl ester inhibitors

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