We are a Tools Manufacturing CO., of Taichung, Taiwan. SUMART uses innovative design, pioneering techniques and fresh thinking to create unique and cycling tool products.



SUMART believes that cycling tool products can be improved. Our mission is to combine technology, design and a deep understanding of the cycling tool industry to create a world beating range of products that make the operating better. SUMART pushes the boundaries by taking an unconventional approach to development. SUMART looks outside of the cycling tool industry, applying the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies to construct products in ways that no other manufacturer has done to date. The result is a range of products that combine form and function to perfectly suit the needs of the people.


Company Overview

  • OEM/ODM Capabilities.
  • Export Cycling Accessories.



Sumart Tools founded in 1992, is located in Taichung, Taiwan, mainly operational Cycling Tools export business. We produce a range of repair and maintenance tools and accessories. As well as providing overseas OEM customers in Taiwan-related services. Our corporate team is a group composed of passionate and dynamic partnership, focusing on professional competence, emphasizing process integration. Professional enhance our market sensitivity, insight into customer needs, in diverse times, only the partner’s interest and goals combined, will create amazing strength.

SUMART works on great products; test them relentlessly and develop them further so that the design is sleek and so that they have improved functionality over other available cycling tools products at the same price point.

Sumart Tools has thought of everything!

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