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Meet the SUMART DH30E Downhill Stem – your new go-to for downhill biking adventures. This stem is built tough from high-quality 6061 T6 alloy using fancy CNC machining. It’s like the superhero of bike parts, ready to take on the challenges of intense downhill rides.

You can choose between two lengths, 25 mm and 30 mm, to get your handlebars in just the right spot. This helps you stay comfy and in control as you tackle those thrilling downhill slopes.

With a 10˚ angle, this stem is all about making your bike ride like a dream during those steep descents. Plus, it comes with a cool SUMART logo to give your bike some extra style points. And hey, it’s all in sleek black, because why not look good while tearing up the trails?

Ready to upgrade your downhill game? Grab the SUMART DH30 Downhill Stem – the tough, stylish, and smart choice for riders who want top-notch performance without the fuss. It’s time to ride with confidence and turn heads with your awesome new stem!


+ Stem has 10 degree rise.
+ An oversized 70mm wide face plate.
+ Fully CNC-machined 6061 T6 alloy.
+ Fits 35/31.8 mm bars.
+ Extension 30 mm.


+ Material : AL6061


+ DH30E X 1 pc


+ Calibre: 28.6 X 35mm
+ Face Plate Width : 70mm
+ Extension: 30mm X 10°

USD $104.99
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