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What Are People Watching? – Ratchet Tool Bar | RTB-12

EASE YOUR DAILY LIFE ! Angle Adjustable Ratchet Head Design >> RTB-12 is a light, portable tool with multiple tool bits designed for your daily use. It’s able to cope with a variety of parts to use, can quickly turn the screws loosen and tighten so much easier. In order to make RTB-12 more useful, …


[ FIRST LOOK ] : UFO TorqKit 4/5/6Nm

UFO TorqKit X 4/5/6 Nm | Pre-Set “T” Handle Torque Wrench UFO TorqKit : “T” handle family of tools has become the worldwide standard for torque hand tools. Shop Quality >> Its advanced torque limit release design consistently applies precise torque values on component bolts for safety, preventing over-tightening, damage to lightweight components and prevents …


[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] : A New CHILE Distributor

GO ASIA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD founded in 1997, is a company specialized in manufacturing the motorcycle, quadriciculo, motorcycle type cross, scooter, with capacities of between 50 cc and 300 cc.Existe about 100 models, having a approved of by the EPA and US CARB, and 12 models approved by the EEC. The product s? The sold …


[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] : A New HONG KONG Distributor

HONG KONG – Everywhere you look, people are jumping on the bicycle. It’s no surprise! Riding a bike is good for more than saving the planet and your hard-earned cash. It’s also one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. Here’s how it can make you happen. If you are in Hong KongJOIN with …


[ China Cycle Show ] : DEMO BOX

2016 China Cycle Show | Sumart Tools DEMO BOX   [ Sumart Tools DEMO BOX] In order to let SUMART fans understand more clearly and specifically about every product line, SUMART designed the presentation demo box and SUMART fans not only can see during China Cycle Show but also can take any pictures at Show …


[ PRODUCT ] HCP-147 | Hybrid CO2 mini pump

SUMART Hybrid CO2 Mini Pump | HCP-147 HCP-147 | Hybrid CO2 mini pump combines a manual pump with a CO2 inflator for fast convenient tyre inflation and emergency protection. With a compact design and durable alloy body, the HCP-147 is essential on extended tours and remote routes. FEATURE + Lightweight and ultra-compact + Dual action …


Getting To Know : FBT-8

Comprehensive multi-tool covers road-side repairs, with a high-quality build and a good-value price! Weight: 139g Contact: SUMART FBT-8 | 8 function Mini Tool This SUMART 8 function Mini Tool has everything you need for most emergency repairs, from tightening a loose mudguard bolt. It’s well made, fairly light and fairly priced too. Looking at …


[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] A New Taiwanese Dealer

Sumart Tools is pleased to announce a new dealer to Taiwanese Territory   February  2016 – Sumart Tools is pleased to announce the appointments of 阿憲滑步車工作室 (Taiwan) as the latest Sumart Tools dealer to Taiwanese Territory. 阿憲滑步車工作室 is an expert in the bicycle industry and offer a wealth of experience as well. They will represent …


[ PRODUCT ] 2016 : FBT-17 | 17 function bike tool set

MULTI-TOOLS With the right tools and a little knowledge, you’ll never get stranded again. SUMART TOOLS got a complete line of the best take-along tools so you can ride with confidence! FBT-17 | 17 function bike tool set The essential multi-purpose compact tool for use when out riding or on your workbench! FEATURE + EASE : …


[ LEARN ] how to check tire pressure

| IMPORTANCE OF TIRE PRESSURE | Keeping your tires properly inflated has many benefits. Your tires will wear evenly, which prolongs their life and can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. When correctly inflated, your tires can perform at their best which means better handling, dependable traction and a more comfortable ride for you. | HOW TO …

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