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Mountain Biking Legend El Pistolero to Conquer 11 Majestic Summits in Mexico: A Thrilling Adventure Sponsored by SUMART

📢 Exciting News! 🚵‍♂️ SUMART is proud to announce our sponsorship of the legendary mountain biker, El Pistolero, as he embarks on a thrilling adventure to conquer 11 majestic summits in Mexico. Join us as he takes on this incredible challenge, crossing volcanos and relying solely on his bicycle to complete the journey in under …


2023 UCI Enduro Series UCI Mountain Bike World Series

Big thanks to bike mechanic Mr. Abdul @termosteko for sharing these great pictures! We are honored to have the Sumart TORQ-11 be a part of your preparations for the 2023 UCI Enduro Series UCI Mountain Bike World Series event in Tasmania, Australia. Thank you for choosing our product for the maintenance of Indonesia Champion Rider’s …


How to install MTB pedals?

Not sure about which way do your MTB pedals go on? Go prepare yourself either a 15mm spanner or an 8mm Allen (hex) key. Sit back to watch this video and you’ll see the difference of pedals threads from left/right side and using the tools to install MTB pedals. Share your thoughts about this video …


New Arrivals at Mibici Ecuador!

Fully loaded at @mibiciecuador ! If you near by these places the information as below, call in and check it out what you need for your bike. Contact Information : 1. Local Urdesa Av. Victor Emilio Estrada y Peatonal No29, entre Ficus y Guayacanes Telefono: 0461 0007 2. Local Ceibos Av. del Bombero, C.C. Riocentro …


How To Basic episode 045 | How to remove the bike cassette?

Knowing how to remove and replace the cassette on your bike is an important and easy task that any home mechanic should get familiar with. From How To Basic episode 045, we’ll show you how easily to remove the bike cassette. Tools required : 1. FWT-12 Chain whip 2. HX-1 Allen Tool 3. FRM-12A Cassette …


Sumart Professional Tool Kit|PTK-21

Sumart the newest Professional Tool Kit is packed with 21 of our finest tools, allowing hundreds of repair and maintenance tasks to be carried out. Designed to give high workshop quality tools mobility. See our range here : and ask your local Bike Shop for more info. #sumart #sumarttools #easeyourlife #sumartfans #bicicleta #bikes #ciclismo …


How to install Sumart Pro-Liner ( anti-puncture insert ) easily!

We all know Sumart Pro-Liner is an anti-puncture insert for tubeless tires. It saves tires and rims from hard impacts without interfering with the way wheels behave. But…do you really know how to install Pro-Liner? From this video, we will demonstrate you how to install Pro-Liner easily! Questions or comments? Leave them below! #sumart #sumarttools …


New Uruguay Distributor Announcement

We are honored to annouce TuProductoUY is officially a SUMART distributor of Uruguay. Please all Uruguayan Dealers feel free to contact them directly if you require any information about SUMART. They’ll provide positive values and excellent customer service to bicycle community. On the other hand, we are stoked to see more and more SUMART products …


Unboxing SUMART 2022

Big thanks to @leo_vilalobos this unboxing video! We are so psyched to see his introduction about new Sumart products. ( Pro-Liner, Dual platform pedals, Gravity grips and Professional Tool Box ) Which Sumart product gets you more interested? #sumart #sumarttools #easeyourlife #sumartfans #bicicleta #bikes #ciclismo #mtblife #roadcycling #bicycles #enduromtb #downhillmtb #mtblove #mountainbikes #mtblifestyle #mtbbiking #mtbrider …


How To Basic episode 034 | Using the hex bit + tubeless from PGM tool

Sumart Plug-In Tool (PGM) offers in-bike storage as well as essential riding tools that can meet the needs of almost any trailside repair. In this How To Basic episode 034 video, you will see how easily to use Hex Bits + Tubeless Tool from PGM tool. #sumart #sumarttools #easeyourlife #sumartfans #bicicleta #bikes #ciclismo #mtblife #roadcycling …

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